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The key aim of the Maltese Historical Association (MHA) is to educate members of the Maltese community and the wider Australian community about the history and culture of the Maltese islands. Over the past twenty six years, the committee of the MHA presented a significant number of speakers who presented different topics relating to Maltese history. Few records were kept in the early years of the association. The newsletter started circulating among members only about sixteen years ago, so there is little data to show what topics have been tackled in the first few years.

As interest and membership in the association grew, administration of the association also become more professional. The committee began to preserve the information the speakers were sharing with the members. They used to tape the sessions for public access. Over time, it became clear that the tapes took too much space and the quality of the sound steadily deteriorated.

Late in 2012, Professor Maurice Cauchi approached me and explained his intention of ‘saving’ as many of the lectures as he could. He contacted some of the speakers we had over the years and asked them to submit some or most of the lectures they had given to the MHA.  These lectures were to be downloaded on a website for reference by interested parties from all over the globe.  I passed the motion through committee and all members agreed that the conservation of such knowledge for future generations should be of utmost importance. Professor Cauchi has been extremely instrumental in ‘getting the ball rolling’ and in coordinating the progress of this project.

On behalf of the MHA committee, I would like to thank Professor Maurice Cauchi for implementing his idea for the benefit of those who want to enhance their historical knowledge of the Maltese Islands. I also thank the speakers who contributed and shared their knowledge and expertise with the members.


Frances Bonnici

President – MHA                                                                            

October 2013


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