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The Maltese Historical Association held its Annual General Meeting on 15 November 2016 at the Maltese Community Centre in Parkville, with 15 members present. The minutes of the previous year’s AGM were read and Robert Blythe was thanked for the MHA facebook page, which has received 12,000 likes!



 Joseph Borg then gave the President’s report for 2016 and thanked the committee for their efforts during the year, especially Charles Gatt for the newsletter, Charlie Portelli for technical support with audio-visuals and Mario Bonnici for keeping the books in order. He thanked the many speakers for their essential contribution; Frances and Mario Bonnici for catering; all those who prepared the hall and cleaned up afterwards; all those who attended our discussions; and the MCCV Executive for making the hall available to us. He urged members to become more involved, either as presenters or as executives, and called for ideas on attracting younger members. Membership is not onerous and plenty of support is available for volunteers.

The committee stood down and Frances Bonnici was selected as scrutineer. The new committee was elected unopposed and comprises: 

President: Joseph Borg;           

Vice President: Robert Blythe

Treasurer: Mario Bonnici

Secretary: Charles Gatt

Member: Charlie Portelli

Member: George Portelli


In General Business, a $500 donation to the MCCV was approved and a Donation to 3ZZZ was ratified. After some discussion, it was agreed to raise the membership fees to $15 for a single and $20 for a couple.

Joseph Borg then outlined some ideas for the talks next year, which will be the 75th Anniversary of the Malta George Cross award, and the 30th anniversary of the founding of the MHA. Some suggestions included involvement with the Migration Museum; WW2 as seen from different points of view - British, German, Maltese; the 16-year transition from the French to the British; Malta’s Independence; the Cultural Festival in September and the AGM in November. Marlene Grech suggested getting interesting personalities; Edwidge Borg recommended Heritage Malta, maybe a Maltese Guest Speaker on Skype. Mario Bonnici suggested internet biographies and programmes such as Deheb-il-Karta from TVM. Francesca Folk-Scolaro suggested inviting Dr BarryYork from Canberra to appear on Skype, Maltese Music and festas; also Dr Joe Camilleri; Robert Blythe suggested Maltese Cooking, e.g. Shane Delia; Green Gully; History of Maltese Australian Associations; History of Maltese in Australia; Angela Portelli suggested looking at Maltese Villages; Joe Borg suggested a discussion on WW2, such as how silk parachutes were recycled as Wedding dresses.

There was some debate on holding the winter lectures on a Sunday afternoon. Rosemary Attard pointed out the Maltese Language Group meets on Sundays and they have very good attendance. However, people could have other commitments. Earlier on weekdays was put forward but discounted because of traffic, so it was decided to keep the meeting times as is for now, on the third Tuesday of the month.

The meeting closed at 8.35 pm and we socialised afterwards.


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