July 2016 Event

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Malta a Panorama


Mario Bonnici


Last month a number of members again braved the winter weather and attended our July activity. This was a PowerPoint presentation with various photographs of Malta and Gozo. Since many of our friends or family members are currently holidaying in Malta, we thought we will join them for a couple of hours, at least visually.



The various photographs, numbering more than two hundred, took us on a trip around the two islands. We had a look at the restoration works and changes that are happening to the many historical buildings, bastions and forts, especially in Valletta. We also had a look at the various 'festa' celebrations, with their colours, bands, lights and firework displays, that take place in every village and town during these Maltese summer months. We also 'visited' the various turquoise bays and golden beaches, very popular during these months. Many of those present intervened with comments and other information on the photos.

Considering that it was rainy night outside, everybody had a warm, colourful and enjoyable evening. As usual the evening ended with refreshments, good company and interesting conversations.

Click here for Mario’s PowerPoint and Lecture recording


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