August 2016 Lecture

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Lola’s Story



Susan Pierotti

On Tuesday 16th August 2016, Susan Pierotti spoke to us at the MHA.  Last year, she edited and brought to publication City Kid, the memoirs of Lola Russell.  Lola's story begins with the arrival in 1838 of her great-grandfather, Antonio Azzopardi, Melbourne's first Maltese settler. 



IMG 8793Susan spoke about Antonio's descendant, Lola, her amazing life and how they got her very long memoir into print.  Lola tells a lively tale of several generations, living in the oldest residence in the Melbourne CBD, built in 1850 and bought by her grandfather in 1899. The cottage on the corner of King St and Lonsdale St once had views of the docks but now it is dwarfed by skyscrapers.  

Lola’s ancestors ran a number of shops and businesses in early Melbourne.  One of Antonio’s sons, Angelo, played for Carlton in the 1860s and 1870s and was known as the Knight of Malta!

Lola herself, now in her 90s, had an illustrious career in teaching and the arts.  An avant-garde actress, she was instrumental in bringing Samuel Beckett’s plays to Melbourne, and appeared in TV and film.  She and her partner, George Russell, still run The Old Corner Shop at the old house where she was born

Although the first edition of the book is sold out, orders for a reprint DSC 0866can be made directly to Susan at:

Phone:  0437 127 159

Click here for Susan’s PowerPoint and lecture recording:



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