Past Events: Lecture 21 March 2017

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Maltese Trades and Professions of Yesteryear"


Joseph Borg


 The second MHA lecture for 2017 was given by our president, Joseph Borg, on 21st March.  The range of occupations, tools, techniques and terminology used by the men and women of yesteryear was fascinating. 



The Audience at the MHA

21 March 2017





Windmills, wheat, cotton, wool, and silk, lacework, fishing, making rope and nets, baskets, candles and wheels, loading and unloading ships, building roads and waterproofing roofs, door to door knife sharpening and tinsmithing, and deliveries of groceries, fish, bread, milk and pitrolju (kerosene) were a few of the topics covered.





Women waterproofing a roof in Malta












You can view the entire PowerPoint and listen to the lecture recording here:




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