May 2012 Event: Megaliths and Microliths

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JoeBorg MHAtalk May2012Guest speaker Mr Joe BorgAt the May event, guest speaker Mr Joe Borg gave an interesting presentation on Megaliths and Microliths that are found in Malta illustrating his points through pictures. The talk was delivered in the monthly lecture series organised by the Maltese Historical Association and held at the Maltese Community Centre in Parkville.

Joe Borg identified two significant periods of cultural growth:

  • The Neolithic temple builders
  • The Knights of Malta

    neolithicNeolithic temples in MaltaThe builders of the megalithic temples of Ġgantija, Tarxien, Ħal Saflieni etc must have been an organised community. How else would such structures been erected? Not only were they master builders but also mathematicians and engineers. One has to look at the plan of these temples and their construction to marvel at these early inhabitants' skills. In the temples our early inhabitants decorated the walls with spirals and birds carved into the stone.

    The Knights of Malta period

    Before the Knights arrived Malta was a barren island. And look at it now. They built the city of Valletta with its magnificent monuments/auberges/churches etc.

    The word microlith is a small stone that can be as fine as talcum powder. In fact any artefact made of pottery is a microlith. We have many examples of pottery, eg, bowls and figurines found in the temples and necropolis of the Neolithic period.

    One can marvel at the wealth of megaliths and microliths accumulated through the centuries found around the islands.

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