September 2013: The Great History Debate

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MaltaHistoryWhich period? (picture:

The MHA held its September event on Tuesday 17th. It was an unusual presentation - a debate on the topic of which is the most important period in Malta's history. Instead of one guest speaker, there were three: Prof Maurice Cauchi, Mr Joe Borg and Mr Albert Agius. Each one of them chose a period in the Maltese history and they tried to convince each other and the audience which period was the most important for Malta.


Maurice-making-his-point550From left: Mr Albert Agius, Mr Joseph Borg and Prof Maurice CauchiProf Maurice Cauchi spoke on Pre-history as the most important period. He made three point to support his theses:

    1. The Ggantija, Tarxien temples the Hypogeum, Ghar Dalam and Hal Saflieni were very advanced structures compared to what was happening in Europe and elsewhere at the time.
    2. The above structures have a world Heritage status, which in turn,
    3. makes them a tourist attraction, which help the Maltese economy.

Joe-making-his-point550From left: Mr Albert Agius, Mr Joseph Borg and Prof Maurice CauchiMr Joe Borg took the Knights of Malta as his most important period. Under the Knights, Malta changed from a rural population to an urban population. Not only did the Order build Valletta and fortified the coast, but also commerce expanded, and hence the economy and society flourished. The arts academia flourished. Above all, Malta ceased to be an appendix of Sicily. It came on its own.

Albert-putting-his-point-across550From left: Guest speakers Mr Albert Agius, Mr Joseph Borg, Prof Maurice Cauchi and MHA President Mrs Frances BonniciMr Albert Agius chose modern Malta as his topic. He stated that after World War II, Malta was almost destroyed. Though she did not get any money from the Americans, somehow the Maltese managed to rebuild Valletta, the Cottonera and other places. However, there was much unemployment which resulted in mass migration to America, Canada and Australia. Later on, Malta became independent form England and later still, she became a republic. For the first time, in recorded history, Malta became an independent nation!

guestspeakers-Agius-Borg-CauchiAt the end of the debate ...Much nation building followed, e.g. infrastructure was rebuilt, new hotels and marinas popped up, airport and harbour facilities were improved, the free-port was established. In the meantime, Malta joined the EU and the economy boomed. Now Malta enjoys the privilege of being a member of the EU.

Afterwards, the three presenters debated each other's points. The audience was also given the chance to have a say in the discussion.

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