August 2013 Event: City walk to admire street sculptures

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MCG650Setting off on the city walk from the MCGOn a cold and wet Sunday 18 August a keen group of MHA members and others met Mr Joseph Borg, a sculpture engineer, led our guided walk around the city of Melbourne. The idea behind it was to appreciate some sculptures dotted around the City's landscape in which Joe had been involved in their engineering aspects.

We started from the new stand of the MCG and there Joe explained the structure and why it had to be so. The engineers had to keep in mind the safety of the public and how the wind plays around these structures.


Angel650The AngelFrom there we walked towards the Birrarung Marr. We stopped to admire the huge colourful sculpture called "The Angel" (right). This used to be outside the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) and it was thought that it needed a better place it could be viewed from all angles. Joe explained how it was transported, keeping in line the overhead tramlines! While we were there, we were fortunate enough to listen to the Federation Bells.

Waves650The WaveWe proceeded to the outdoor area of the NGV. There we looked at the waterfall shaped like the inside of a seashell and why it was so – a practical idea. There was also a sculpture called 'The Wave' (left). Again Joe gave us a detailed account of how it was structured.

Then on towards Southbank. We stopped for lunch and then resumed our walked. We looked at three other sculptures. My favourite one was a number of gold bees on the face of a building. Again Joe Borg explained the difficulties the engineers had with this sculpture, namely the effect of the wind and possible danger to the public.

It was a very informative walk and, as a result, one can now better appreciate the sculptures.

More photos below (click on the image to view larger size).

the-walkers-group650The group of keen walkers led by Mr Joseph Borg


Beehive650The Beehive





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