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May 2012 Event: Megaliths and Microliths

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

JoeBorg MHAtalk May2012Guest speaker Mr Joe BorgAt the May event, guest speaker Mr Joe Borg gave an interesting presentation on Megaliths and Microliths that are found in Malta illustrating his points through pictures. The talk was delivered in the monthly lecture series organised by the Maltese Historical Association and held at the Maltese Community Centre in Parkville.

Joe Borg identified two significant periods of cultural growth:

  • The Neolithic temple builders
  • The Knights of Malta



    April 2012 Event: Malta and the Award of the George Cross

    By Edwin Borg-Manché Tuesday, 24 April 2012

     From left: Mr Charles Mifsud, Mrs Frances Bonnici and Mr Ian Speer [Photo: Martin Bonnici Photography]On Tuesday 17 April the MHA held its monthly event at the Maltese Centre in Parkville as part of a program of events in Melbourne commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Award of the George Cross to Malta. The program was organised by the Consul-General of Malta in Victoria, Mr Charles Mifsud and the Malta GC Committee, of which the MHA President Mrs Frances Bonnici and the MHA Treasurer Mr Mario Bonnici were members.

    Mrs Bonnici gave a warm welcome to the guest speaker, Mr Charles Mifsud, to Mrs Anna Maria Mifsud and to all those present. Mr Mifsud gave a presentation on the pivotal role that Malta played in the Second World War leading to the award of the George Cross to the people of Malta by King George VI on 15 April 1942. He started his talk by posing the question whether Malta deserved to be awarded the George Cross. Naturally the answer to this question is a resounding “yes”, said Mr Mifsud.



    March 2012 Event: Maltese Township of Paola

    By Agnes Cauchi Saturday, 24 March 2012

     Guest speaker Mrs Maria Catania

    On 20 March, the Maltese Historical Association (MHA) held their monthly meeting. Mrs Maria Catania gave an interesting presentation about the Maltese township of Paola, also known as Raħal il-Ġdid.

    Paola has a 5000 years’ history. At that time it was sparsely populated. The first inhabitants were the temple builders who built the Neolithic temples, the Hypogeum, and Ħal Saflieni temples.



    February 2012 Event: Book Launch - "Beloved Convict" by Dr Lou Drofenik

    By Frances Bonnici Saturday, 25 February 2012

    DrofenikBookLaunch2From left: MHA President Mrs Frances Bonnici, Dr Lou Drofenik, MCCV President Prof. Maurice Cauchi On Tuesday 21 February, the Maltese Historical Association (MHA) organised the launch of this new book Beloved Convict by well-known author, Dr Lou Drofenik. This is the fifth of her novels which have well received by the community both in Australia as well as in Malta, where she was recently given the prize for the best book written in English by a Maltese person.



    August 2011 Event: ‘They booked their place in Maltese history’

    By Brian Zammit Tuesday, 23 August 2011

    AlbertAgiusMHAGuest speaker, Mr Albert AgiusMany Maltese men and women, from all walks of life, have had an impact on the course of Maltese history, some not as well known as others. This was the topic of Mr Albert Agius' talk to the Maltese Historical Association on 16th August 2011, where he sketched the lives of a number of prominent men and women.

    Albert explained that the motivation for his talk came from an editorial in Leħen is-Sewwa, a popular Maltese weekly, written at the time of the death of Count Prof Preziosi who was, and still is, recognised as a very prominent Maltese citizen. The editorial spoke of the greatness of a people's civilization. It argued that this is measured by how much it appreciates the great people of the country and by how it is grateful towards those who dedicate their lives to the benefit of humanity and to the progress of knowledge and science.



    July 2011 Event: Mediaeval Malta

    By Brian Zammit Tuesday, 26 July 2011

    MediaevalMaltaOne of the many chapels around the Malta countryside

    The history of the Maltese islands in mediaeval times is shrouded in mystery. Much of what has traditionally been taught in schools was often based on not much more than myths.

    Guest speaker Professor Maurice Cauchi delivered a lecture on Mediaeval Malta at the June meeting of the Maltese Historical Association held at the Maltese Centre in Parkville. With his insights he was able to shed some light on this fascinating period of our history. His talk drew on accounts written by mediaeval chroniclers, such as, al-Himyari, Ibn Hawqal and Giliberto Abbate.



    April 2011 Event: ‘Looking for Mithra in Malta’

    By Brian Zammit Tuesday, 26 April 2011

    Frances-Bonnici-with-Claudia-Sagona250Dr Claudia Sagona (right) with Mrs Frances BonniciDr Claudia Sagona M.O.M., a Senior Fellow in Archaeology at the University of Melbourne, has written extensively on Malta's ancient past. She recently delivered a lecture to the Maltese Historical Association on 'Looking for Mithra in Malta', the topic of her latest book.

    The cult of Mithra reached the height of its popularity in the second and third century AD in Roman territories after quiet beginnings in the highlands of eastern Turkey sometime in the first century BC.



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