2013 Language Immersion Morning

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LIM2013-P1130811 600Mrs Frances Bonnici leading one of the sessions at the LIM 2013On Saturday 31 August the committee of the Maltese Historical Association hosted the annual Language Immersion Morning (LIM) for the students who are currently studying the Maltese language at the Maltese Community Centre in Parkville. The morning was filled with activities targeted towards the students who were multi-aged, ranging from primary to VCE level.

The theme for the youngest group was 'Ħolm u Fantażija'. The students were encouraged to come dressed as their favourite 'fantasy' character. It was such a delight to see so many of the girls wearing 'fairy' costumes and the boys turning up as Ninja Turtles, skeletons or the Tortoise from the fable the 'The Hare and the Tortoise'.

During the first two hours, the very young students (Levels 1-3) listened to an imaginative story about fairies, coloured in and assembled a fairy or an elf and then were assisted by the adults in writing a few sentences in Maltese about their fantasy characters.

LIM2013-P1130899 600Tasting Maltese foodA different activity which required a higher skill in the language was organised for a group of students (Level 4-6). Working in groups, they completed a Board Game. After the introduction and discussion as to what words and phrases were to be used, the students sat down to finish the given task. All groups are to be commended on the ideas they came up with and the finished games were just great.

The senior students had a PowerPoint presentation run by Mr Paul Lia about the 'FESTI MALTIN'. Paul touched on aspects of the festi as celebrated in Malta and here in Victoria. He also spoke about the festivals such as Festa tal-Ħobż; Festa tal-Frawli, etc. that villages in Malta have been hosting lately to attract both the Maltese and the tourists who visit the islands. This presentation was followed by a quiz and more discussion on this topic.

After a morning tea of pastizzi, party pies, cakes, chocolates and drinks, the students got ready for their final activity. The primary age students sang and danced to Maltese songs like "Onġi, onġi onġella'; 'Jien Tifla tal-Kampanja' and ABC. They learnt the words, sang the songs and did the actions. Words and YouTube snippets of these children's songs were shown on the big screen and the children participated to the fullest.

The senior students participated in a cooking demonstration; they were shown how to make the 'Prinjolata'- a popular Maltese sweet eaten mainly around Carnival time. Historical information and the recipe were handed out to the students.

I would like to thank the committee of the MHA who together with Rosemary Attard, Edwidge Borg, Rosette Xerri and Dr Susan Zammit worked very hard to make this event one filled with fun and learning for the benefit of the younger generation of Maltese descent. I would also like to thank the teachers and teacher aides who participated in the morning's activities.

My final thanks go to the MCCV Executive who provided us with the venue and the 'pastizzi'.

Frances Bonnici
President MHA

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LIM2013-P1130804 650Participants listening attentively

LIM2013-P1130809 600Group activities

LIM2013-P1130828 600More work in the library

LIM2013-P1130843 600Storytelling

LIM2013-P1130836 600

LIM2013-P1130915 600Around the table

LIM2013-P1130969 600Folk dancing

LIM2013-P1130979 600Participants and the MHA Executive who organised the LIM 2013

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