January 2013 Event: History of Malta through Coinage

Monday, 04 February 2013

MHA-Jan13-Ray-BommiciOn January 29th the MHA started the monthly presentations for 2013 with a special guest speaker. We were lucky to have Mr Ray Bonnici (pictured right) who has been visiting from Malta and who works at the Central Bank of Malta.

Mr Bonnici spoke about the museum located at the Central Bank of Malta (CBM), where some of the original coins are displayed.

Coins in Malta have been in circulation in excess of two millennia – since 550 BC. The first known coins found in Malta were those of the Carthaginians. During that period, Malta became a Carthaginian naval base and trading station. They were largely made of bronze, though silver and gold ones were also found.




November 2012 Event: Kaċċa u Nsib

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Presentation By Emmanuel Cilia

As a topic Hunting and Trapping (Kaċċa u Nsib) in Malta has been very controversial in the recent past, locally and in the media around the EU. Malta has a long tradition and a well-established sub-culture involving generations of hunters and trappers. On recent estimates these form nearly 4% of the general population.






October 2012 Event: 'il-Folklor Malti' – Maltese Folklore

By Agnes Cauchi Friday, 09 November 2012

Charles Mifsud Oct 2012The October presentation entitled "il-Folklor Malti – Maltese Folklore" was given by Mr Charles Mifsud, Consul General for Malta in Victoria, on October 16th, 2012.

Mr Mifsud started his presentation by asking the question "What is Folklore?" He came up with several answers. He said that :

  • It comes from periods in history of lack of education. In the olden days few people went to school.
  • The church's influence was at its peak. It had a lot of say in the everyday life of the Maltese.




July 2012 Event: Ambivalence - Malta And The French Revolution

By Agnes Cauchi Saturday, 04 August 2012

MHA Event July 2012 2Jonathan Hili was guest speaker at the monthly MHA activity in July. His talk was about the French Revolution that changed all Europe. Napoleon Bonaparte helped spread the change. Up to this day, we adopt some of the French Revolution's ideals, such as equality and liberty.

18th Century Malta had very strong links with France, not only diplomatic, but also cultural, economic and political. The Maltese nobility and middle class spoke French. Many of them were educated in France. They followed French fashion and depended on France for the wealth they enjoyed. So one should not be surprised to find Malta was shaken by the French Revolution. Some were optimistic that the changes offered hope, whilst other were wary.




June 2012 Event: 'Mare Nostrum' - Malta and the Mediterranean

Thursday, 05 July 2012

In his talk, Prof Maurice Cauchi emphasized the role of the Mediterranean Sea on the history of Malta. Ancient civilisations followed wind and sea currents to travel to and fro every part of the Mediterranean.marenostrum

He started by expressing surprise that out of the thousands of islands in the Mediterranean, no one has had such an illustrious history as Malta. Most prominently is the presence of prehistoric temples which are the oldest above-ground buildings in the world. The significance of these mammoth efforts, from a population which could hardly number more than 10,000 persons, is still difficult to explain

He also touched on Phoenician/Carthaginian business which criss-crossed the Mediterranean, and involved Malta. Again this could be explained by its position half-way between Rome and Carthage, which made it mandatory of the victorious city to control this lynch-pin island.




Events for 2014

Tuesday 19 February at 7.30   Lecture by Mr Joseph Borg on The Arabic Influence on Malta 

Maltese Centre, Parkville

Tuesday 12 March at 7.30 pm  Lecture by Mr Albert Agius on Superstitions and the Maltese Bogeymen  

Maltese Centre, Parkville

Tuesday 15 April at 7.30 pm Lecture by Professor Maurice Cauchi on Maltese Surnames 

Maltese Centre, Parkville

 Tuesday 20 May at 7.30 pm

Introduction to Novel Bushfire Summer by Lou Drofenik

Slideshow by Mr Joe Flores on Malta in the 1800s

Maltese Centre, Parkville
Tuesday 18 June at 7.30 pm Lecture by Mr Joseph Borg on the "Cantilena" 

Maltese Centre, Parkville

Tuesday 15 July  Event (To be advised) Maltese Centre, Parkville
Tuesday 19 August  Event (To be advised) Maltese Centre, Parkville
September Annual General Meeting Maltese Centre, Parkville
October  Event (To be advised) Maltese Centre, Parkville
November  Event (To be advised) Maltese Centre, Parkville
November The Bursaries Maltese Centre, Parkville

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